IMPORTANT: If you have questions about Greenrain Messenger Free version, or face technical issues with uploading or downloading your e-claims, please do NOT call our office numbers. The receptionist is not able to reply on technical questions and she will redirect you back to support e-mail


This page contains help materials about Greenrain Messenger.
All our tutorial videos are recorded in HD format. Make sure you select full screen and select resolution 720p for better watching experience, when you watch them on YouTube.

How to upload e-claims to Shafafiya

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to upload your e-claim files to Shafafiya (direct link on YouTube).

How to search e-claims on Shafafiya and download files

This video tutorial explains how you can search for e-claim files on Shafafiya and download the files to your computer (direct link on YouTube).

Shafafiya Performance Test

We made test for Shafafiya performance - watch the video demonstrating how it works (direct link on YouTube).

Technical Support

Send us e-mail to if you face any technical issues with Greenrain Messenger. We do not provide technical support by phone for free version.

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Greenrain Drugs

Drug Database for United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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Greenrain Connect

Complete e-claim solution for healthcare payers and providers.

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Greenrain Messenger

Communication tool for Shafafiya. This is FREE software.

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Greenrain Facility

E-claim solution for facilities.

Greenrain Subscription

Get an e-mail when CPT, ICD9 or Drug Codes are changed.