Greenrain Subscription is a service that sends you e-mail every time when e-claim related codes are changed on HAAD Data Dictionary web site.

We check for the following code updates:

• CPT Codes

• ICD9 Codes

• Drug Codes

• Dental Codes

• DRG Codes

• Denial Codes

• Service Codes

• HCPCS Codes

• LOINC Codes

• Nationalities

• Clinician Licenses (both Abu Dhabi and Dubai)

• Facility Licenses (both Abu Dhabi and Dubai)

• Payer Licenses

How to Buy

The Standard Subscription is absolutely free and you can subscribe to it right now.

The price for Premium Subscription varies from customer to customer depending on your organization type. For purchase inquiry, please send us e-mail or give us a call.

Standard Subscription

As said, Standard Subscription is absolutely free and you can subscribe to it right now. You will receive e-mail notifications every time when Greenrain Subscription detects any code change.

This subscription does not provide details about changed codes; instead, it notifies you when any code is changed and you can then manually download the latest version of the codes.

Premium Subscription

The Premium Subscription has monthly fee, and it also sends a zip file that contains details on what codes are added and deleted. You can see the sample of the provided data on this link.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send us e-mail. You can also give us a call using phone numbers available on our contact page.

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Greenrain Subscription

Greenrain Subscription

Get an e-mail when CPT, ICD9 or Drug Codes are changed.